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The Qred Card
The credit card designed for businesses- no matter the size.

- Gather all your expenses in one place.
- No monthly fees or card costs.
- Handle everything in the new Qred App.

Our reputation

When you thrive, we thrive - that's our motto
With over 30 000 businesses helped, Qred was listed as the fastest-growing company in Sweden by the Financial Times. Our goal is all about empowering you.

Common answers

Who can apply?

All limited liability business, partnerships, sole proprietorships / traders, and more can apply and be approved a loan. It can be a proud, old business, or a brand new startup, large or small. We work with businesses in virtually every industry, from north to south - even businesses with a checkered credit history can qualify. We evaluateeach business individually - the key for us is that there is a solid business idea and qualified business owners behind the company.

How is Qred different?

We've invested heavily in a modern, digital solution, with no expensive branch network. By automating data extraction and through smart analysis of hundreds of data points we are able to quickly get to an evalution of most businesses. As far as we know, nobody else in Northern Europe can approve and pay out a business loan faster than Qred. What's also unique is you only pay for each month you have the loan. Simple and straightforward.

When will the loan be paid out?

The loan is paid out the same day after you accept our offer, as long as that happens by 17:00. Depending on holidays and weekends, there can be a couple of days before the funds reach your business account.

How do I apply

It's easy to apply and takes about 60 seconds, and there's no cost to apply. There are 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill in a short form (desired amount, organisation number, e-mail och mobile phone).
  2. Additional information can be sent to improve your offer. During normal work hours you can expect an offer within an hour.
  3. You decide if you want to go forward after you get our offer. Upon approval with BankID we will pay out the loan the same day, normally the same day.


We love small businesses. Get in touch and let us know how we can help your company!
07:00 - 17:30 (mon-fri)

Loan breakdown

Apply in 1 minute
Fast and easy application process. It's free and non-binding.
Offer within the hour
After applying, we'll reach out to you within an hour.
Same-day payout
You can sign your offer with BankID and receive your funds within the day.

Calculate your loan


We love small businesses. Get in touch and let us know how we can help your company!
07:00 - 17:30 (mon-fri)

Receive payment for your invoice within 24 hours

Choose which invoices to sell. Our invoice portal is both easy to use and understand.

How it works

It's your choice which invoices you would like to finance

You can choose which invoices you want to sell and which to add to our service. Our online portal is very user friendly and easy to understand. You will get a full overview of all your invoices and can easily see if they are due or paid.

Invoice purchases

Sell the invoice to us and you will have the money within 24 hours. We always buy the invoice without recourse if your customers are creditworthy. This means that we bear the risk!


If your customers are not creditworthy for the amount, you will have the opportunity to finance your invoice with recourse. Furthermore, we will always help you with the collection of invoices.

Invoice service

If you do not need capital right now, you can always choose to put your invoices on service; where we handle the reminders and can forward them to debt collection if needed.


  • Qred factoring is the most transparent and innovative finance company I have ever worked with. Fast payment and first-class service, 7 days a week!
    Finance Manager, Construction
  • In the past, I've dealt with finance companies with long agreements and complicated terms. Fortunately, Qred factoring makes things easy. I've always received very good, transparent responses.
    CEO, Media
  • Qred factoring has always there for us when it mattered most: both in good and in bad times. They act swiftly and professionally and have helped us gain access to much-needed capital quickly.
    CEO, Demolition

Direct accounting integrations

Retrieve, send & book


We love small businesses. Get in touch and let us know how we can help your company!
07:00 - 17:30 (mån-fre)

Every business needs help once in a while

As business owners, we’ve experienced the difficulties in working with the big banks. That's why we set out to offer convenient and flexible financing for small businesses.

Qred at a glance

created jobs


  • Qred helped me keep what I had when times were tough.
    Café owner
  • Qred returned after a day and came up with a loan proposal. It felt like a fair deal! 
    Restaurant owner
  • Thanks to Qred, we could lease our company car and pay out salaries.
    Joakim and Erik
    Construction contractors

The Story Behind Qred

Once upon a time, a relatively young and hopeful entrepreneur started a small business. Everything was fresh, exciting and a bit unfamiliar. The first thing that needed to be done was to obtain a bank certificate stating that the founder’s hard-earned and saved start-up equity capital had been deposited. With pride, the entrepreneur went to the nearest bank to announce that he wanted to open an account for his new business and deposit one hundred thousand kroner into his account.

He enthusiastically described his plans to the inscrutable bank clerk, who asked, “but why have you chosen to come to our bank?” The entrepreneur was taken aback, since this bank had received the prestigious “Best Swedish Commercial Bank” award, but he calmly replied because it seemed like a good business bank. After 15 minutes, the entrepreneur was informed that the bank did not believe in his idea and that the bank therefore rejected his customer application...
Read more

The People at Qred

About the team

Career Opportunities


We love small businesses. Get in touch and let us know how we can help your company!
07:00 - 17:30 (mon-fri)

Help and support

Feel free to search our knowledgebase for the most commonly asked questions!


We love small businesses. Get in touch and let us know how we can help your company!
07:00 - 17:30 (mon-fri)

Qred enables financing for your customers

Help your customers invest and grow by offering flexible financing - become a partner with Qred today! With Qred as your partner, you can help your customers invest and grow thanks to fast, fair and flexible financing. In addition, you increase your own income with our partner commission.

What does Qred Partnership mean?

Being a partner of Qred means that you are rewarded for helping other entrepreneurs find quick and reliable financing for their business needs. We provide flexible business loans without start-up fees or hidden costs, helping entrepreneurs build their future with the right financing opportunities. Our partners help us reach more business owners with direct financing needs. It can be as simple as a supplementary down payment loan for leasing a company car, stock financing or the purchase of products and services. Whatever your financing needs, Qred offers the tools to make your business better by enabling financing for your customers as an additional service. Plus, we reward you - our partner - with a commission for each successful referral (accepted loan), making a partnership with Qred the smart choice for both you and your customers.

Benefits of a Qred Partnership:

  • Opportunity to sell more products / services to other businesses
  • Less friction,
    more conversions
    in your sales pipeline
  • Zero cost, zero commitment, zero effort - only rewarding opportunities
  • Commission on each successful referral (approved loan)
  • Qred is fully responsible for the financial risk

Who can become a partner

  • Company brokers and intermediaries
  • Retailers and suppliers
  • Accounting and auditing firms
  • Business advisers and consultants
  • Debt collection, credit and finance companies
  • Programming and IT providers

Get started in a day

It is as easy to become a partner of Qred, as it is to apply for a business loan with Qred. Contact our partnership team to find out more about the profitable possibilities for you and your customers.

Helena Rissel

Partnerships Manager

How would you like to onboard customers?

We offer partners two ways of onboarding customers into Qred:
Application Form
Add the Qred widget script to your page. You can also customize- and add your logo and branding if desired.
An onboarding application form will automatically be generated for you.
Integrate your software with the Qred API.
Your service will be able to directly interface with the Qred API in order to onboard new customers.

Need additional help?

Landing pages
We'll build and host a dedicated landing page for your customized application form.
Partner portal
Gain access to our partner portal, where you'll be able to add customers directly via a web interface!

  • The best thing with partnership with Qred is the mutual desire to drive things forward. I highly recommend contacting Qred if you are interested in additional earnings. As a partner they are very flexible.
    Jarno Paananen
  • Marketing often requires a significant investment before getting results. With Qred, clients can split the cost of the investment over several months which makes the purchase decision easier for them. That way we can kick off faster and start getting the results.
    Eero Peurala

How it works

  • 1. Register your business
    Provide these details and send - we promise we'll get back quickly with an answer on how to proceed!
  • 2. Start sending leads
    It's easy and smooth to send in potential new customers. We promise to treat your contacts with professionalism, courtesy, and fairly.
  • 3. Get paid directly
    For every lead you provide that takes a loan you'll get a commission. We guarantee fast payment!

Answers to common questions

What are the advantages of a partnership with Qred?

As a partner of Qred you enjoy multiple benefits. Firstly, you are eligible for a commission on each successful referral (accepted loan). Secondly, a partnership with Qred is the ideal opportunity to expand your business reach and broaden your customer base. For example, do you sell goods or services to other businesses, like company vehicles, IT-services or supplies? Then a partnership with Qred helps your customers find quick and reliable financing to purchase your products. Our partners help other businesses grow, invest and innovate, whilst getting rewarded for it: it’s a win-win-situation for all. 

Advantages partnership: 

  • Commission on each successful referral (accepted loan)
  • Less friction, more conversions in your sales pipeline
  • Help your customers find quick financing for your products and/or services
  • Expand your business reach and broaden your customer base
  • Qred is fully responsible for the financial risk: you have zero risk or liability
  • Become affiliated with the 8th fastest growing company in Europe
  • Take advantage of expertise on how to maximise your partner potential

What are the costs associated with Qred loans?

Qred does not have a standard interest fee, instead, we make individual assessments for each company - offering them a personalised quote that best matches their needs. Qred does offer full transparency and easy-to-understand loan terms. For example, we have no start-up costs, hidden fees and don’t work with lock-in periods. Instead, customers have the option to repay the loan in full at any time, giving entrepreneurs the option to remain in control of their finances. What do our customers pay monthly? We charge a standard service fee for our loans (based on loan term, individual credit rating and amount), combined with a standard amortisation fee. Combine the two (service + amortisation) and those are the standard monthly payments, without unexpected surprises. Clear, easy and transparent: that is why savvy entrepreneurs choose Qred for business loans and financing.

How do I become a partner of Qred?

Signing up as a partner is as easy as applying for our business loans! You can simply indicate your interest via our Partner page by clicking on the button ‘Become a partner’ and provide us with your company details and contact information. Our partner manager will then take your application into immediate consideration and reach out to discuss the opportunities further.

How does a partnership with Qred work?

A partnership with Qred is your ideal opportunity to be rewarded for helping other businesses (and your customers). The concept is simple: do you know any entrepreneurs in need of a business loan? Refer them to Qred and encourage them to submit a non-binding and free loan application. If Qred makes them an offer and they accept, you - as the referral partner - are rewarded by a commission. This means that you can help other businesses find quick financing to purchase your products and services, expanding your customer base and reach whilst getting rewarded in the process.

Who is Qred?

Qred is an expert in business loans and company financing. Founded in 2015, Qred’s mission is to power entrepreneurs and help businesses grow, invest and expand. We provide flexible business loans without start-up costs, hidden fees or hassle: exactly how business lending should be.

Who can become a partner?

Businesses that sell goods and/or services to other businesses, for example, lease companies, IT-services, inventory and business supplies, professional cleaners, financial advisors, etc. are eligible for a Qred partnership. If you or your company cater to the business market, not the consumer market, you can become a Qred partner and help other businesses find the right financing for your products.

Investor relations

IR Login

A word from the CEO

All companies may need some extra cash from time to time. We want it to be easy, fast and safe to get a business loan. That’s why we started Qred.

From the start, Qred received a fantastic reception from tens of thousands of small businesses. It feels almost unreal that it is actually possible to challenge the old established banks without being particularly large or strong. My conclusion is that heart and ambition mean more than muscle and tradition.

We are today one of the fastest growing fin-tech companies in the Nordic region, and we have already lent over SEK 2 billion to the smallest companies. It is money that comes in handy – many of our customers stand without traditional bank financing, even though they are run by competent and skilled contractors.

The banks are stuck in a costly costume and small business owners are seen as inconveniences, and not as partners. According to a recent survey, only every 10th company with up to 20 employees has loans from the bank. At the same time, over 80% of all new jobs in Sweden are created today by small companies.

Qred offers loans to small companies in the Nordic region and in the Netherlands. The loans are relatively small (up to around SEK 1 million), and have relatively short maturities (the loans are normally repaid with up to 12 monthly instalments). By limiting the loan amounts and the credit period, we keep the risk down.

Thanks to our unique scoring model and our large and diversified customer base, we have relatively small and very predictable loan losses, which in turn leads to good profitability.

Welcome to Qred!

Board of directors

Sean Cory

Chairman of the Board since 2021.
Managing Partner Northern Europe, previously Market Leader for Nordics, Russia, Central & Eastern Europe, at Oliver Wyman.
Former Managing Director at KPMG Consulting.

Thomas Jansson

Boardmember since 2015.
Chief Growth Officer and co-founder
M.Sc. Accounting (Åbo Akademi University).
Former COO and Business Development Manager at Tact Group.

Andrea Gisle Joosen

Board member since 2019.  
Ba & MSc Business Administration & Marketing (Copenhagen Business School).
Chairman of Acast and board member of ICA Gruppen, BillerudKorsnäs and Dixons Carphone.

Emil Sunvisson

CEO and co-founder
Board member since 2015.
MBA (Stockholm School of Economics), M.Sc. Engineering (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm).
Former CEO of Cherry.

Jason Francis

Vice CEO and co-founder.
Boardmember since 2015.
MBA (Stockholm School of Economics). MA Econ (Duke University).
Former Nordic Strategic Manager at Trygg Hansa and Management Consultant at Oliver Wyman.

Executive management

Marcus Uggla

Chief Product Officer
MSc in Accounting and Financial Management (Stockholm School of Economics).
Former Senior Product Manager at Klarna, Digital Director at Departments & Stores Europe and COO at Campadre.

Andres Sehr

Chief Marketing Officer
Bachelor Comm Finance and Marketing (University of Toronto).
Former CMO at Hedvig, Director of Marketing at Truecaller and Marketing DIrector at Spotify.

Oliver Dolan
Chief Technology Officer & CIO

M.Sc Decision Support & Risk Analysis (Stockholm University) and B.Sc. Computer Systems Engineering.
Former Engineering Manager at Worldfavor.

Elina Eriksson
Chief Compliance Officer

Qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales, and the Republic of Ireland (BPP Law School, London).

Former Associate at Hogan Lovells International LLP.

Jenny Arvidsson
Chief Legal Officer

Juris Doctor (Santa Clara University School of Law).

Former Associate at Bird & Bird and Attorney at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.

Thomas Jansson
Chief Growth Officer and co-founder

M.Sc. Accounting (Åbo Akademi University).
Former COO and Business Development Manager at Tact Group.

Mia Rosén
Chief Financial Officer

Master’s degree in Economics (University of Borås).
Former CFO at Widespace and Head of Group Accounting at Hoist Finance.

Emil Sunvisson

CEO and co-founder
Board member since 2015.
MBA (Stockholm School of Economics), M.Sc. Engineering (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm).
Former CEO of Cherry.

Jason Francis

Vice CEO and co-founder.
Boardmember since 2015.
MBA (Stockholm School of Economics). MA Econ (Duke University).
Former Nordic Strategic Manager at Trygg Hansa and Management Consultant at Oliver Wyman.

Bond information

Bond information

  • Senior secured bond
  • Nominal amount: EUR 40,000,000
  • ISIN: SE0012507267
  • Floating interest rate EURIBOR 3m plus 8.5 %
  • Matures in June 2022
  • Group ownership: EUR 16,200,000



For more information, feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone

Andrea Romander

Head of PR
Qred AB
+46 730 926 607

Regulatory communications


No items found.

Qred in the media

Press Materials

Qred gives back

Powering businesses is something that we do in our everyday work. As we speak we are powering more than 10,000 businesses and by doing so we have helped create more than 5,000 new jobs.

But we want to make a change everywhere. This is what we are doing to change the world, little by little.

Powering entrepreneurs all over the world

Today, many people in the world live in poverty and lack the basic needs such as food, housing, access to health care or basic education. However, poverty is about so much more than a lack of money. It can be about living with very small margins and not being able to afford to let the children go to school or seek medical care in the event of illness and not have influence over their own lives and future. This is where Hand in Hand helps people make their own living conditions - with their own power but with our help.

Both Qred and Hand in Hand believe that entrepreneurship is the way out of poverty. So together with Hand in Hand, Qred is sponsoring Ngusishi Village in Kenya. In the village the residents are taught how to run and develop their own businesses. So far we have mobilized 11 groups in Ngusishi village with 291 members, 87 % of whom are women. The goal is to have a total 350 living in the village by the end of the project.

Together, these members support 1,230 dependents, mostly children.

Women are of central importance in development work, where they have an important social and economic impact on both the family and society. Educating and empowering women is the key to fighting poverty: Studies show that women generally invest 90 percent of their income on family well-being, the corresponding figure for men is 30-40 percent.


  • Number of Self-Help Groups mobilised
    Target: 18
    Progress: 11
  • Total number of residents trained
    Target: 350
    Progress: 291
  • Percentage of female members
    Target: 80%
    Progress: 87%
  • Number of enterprises created/enhanced
    Target: 200
    Progress: 212
  • Number of jobs created in the village
    Target: 300
    Progress: 326

Breakit Impact Challenge

At Qred, we value sustainability high. To become a more environmentally friendly organization is a high priority and we want to act as sustainable as possible.

We participated in the BreakIt Impact Challenge in both  2019 and 2020, where you during five weeks get different challenges to become more green. The different steps are:


  • Climate friendly travels
  • A sustainable workplace
  • Green suppliers
  • Sustainable business model
  • Climate compensation

The credit card designed for businesses - no matter the size.

Become one of the first to get Qred's credit card. Sign up today so you don't miss out!

Why, you say? Why not, we say!

Easy sign-up and application
Free card
No monthly fee
Gather all expenses in one invoice

Handle everything in the Qred App

See all expenses
Never again have to carry a wallet full of receipts.
Invoice management
Collect all card invoices in one place.
In-app support
Direct support line to our team of brilliant experts.
Keep me updated!

We also made a cool video - check it out here!


This was supposed to be a comparison square, but there are no other cards to compare ours to!

Without Qred
With Qred
  • Suitable for small businesses
  • Financing for every day costs
  • Sweden's most satisifed customers according to Trustpilot
  • It's free - we'll send you a free business credit card with no monthly fee.
  • It's fast - don't waste time on a long application process. Ours only takes 1 minute.
  • It's safe - we're licensed by S-FSA, so you're in good hands.
  • It's universal - and can be used everywhere Visa is accepted.
  • It's reliable - with Sweden's most satisfied customers according to Trustpilot.

Still wondering why?
This is the FAQ that might convince you:

How does the card work?
The credit card provided by Qred can be used for business purchases both online and offline. You will receive a plastic VISA card with a credit limit. You will be able to monitor your card spending, set spending limits and block the card using the Qred App.
How do I apply for the Qred card?
You can already sign up to be first in line when Qred's credit card becomes available this summer. We will email you as soon as the application opens. Making an application is free and non-binding.
How much does it cost?
Both signing up and getting a card is free and there is no monthly fee to have a card. Purchases have on average up to 45 days interest free. Once a month you will receive an invoice with 14 days to repay. You can choose if you want to pay the invoice in full (0% interest) or split it over time. If you split the payment, a company specific interest will be added, starting at 1.95%/month. Your company interest rate will be calculated for you once you have requested a card.
Can I use my physical Qred card at an ATM to withdraw cash?
No. Cash allowances are not available on business cards.
What is Qred?
Qred is a business financier focused on solving big problems for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to focus on building what they love. We create simple products that take the pain out of managing everyday finances. We have operations in six markets and provide financial services through business loans, factoring and our credit card.


Sign up today to secure a spot on the waiting list and be first in line to get your free Qred card.


We love small businesses. Get in touch and let us know how we can help your company!

We are available 07:00-17:30 (mon-fri).

Welcome to the Qred App

Manage everything related to the Qred Credit Card in one place.
Download the Qred App to get started with your Qred card today!

Get started in 3 simple steps!

1. Download
Download the app from App Store or Google Play.
2. Activate
Activate you account and your Qred Card through BankID.
3. Done 
Your Qred Card is now ready to be used. Told you - it is super simple! 

This is the Qred App

The app gathers all purchases made with the Qred Card to make it easy for you to keep track. 

In the app you can also see this month’s invoice and decide if you want to pay, slice or snooze the invoice. 

Direct line to our team of customer service representatives. 

Within the near future the app will be updated with even more features connected to all Qred’s products and services.

Got questions?
Here are our most frequently asked ones!

Do I need the app?
If you have the Qred app, yes. That is where you will activate your card, block the card if anything goes wrong, see your transaction history, and much more.
Who do I contact if I have problems with the app?
You are welcome to contact our customer success team at:
Tel: 020-150 333
Or directly via the chat.
How do I connect my card?
You will need your physical card in order to connect your card to the app. Once you have received the card, you need to click on “Activate my card” in the home screen and then just enter the last four digits of your card number.
How do I block my card?
Follow these steps:
1. Open the app and identify yourself
2. Go to the Card screen and click on Modify card settings
3. Click on Block card, Activate Block card and Confirm

Can I set a spending limit?
Yes, you can set a 24h spending limit. For example if you set a 1,000 EUR spending limit, you can perform as many transactions as you wish during those 24h, as long as the sum of these transactions does not exceed 1,000 EUR over 24h.



We love small businesses. Get in touch and let us know how we can help your company!

We are available 07:00-17:30 (mon-fri).

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